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    BIG Rhyming Namebank!!

    Pick a first name from one set of rhyming names, and a middle from the other.

    They don't all exactly rhyme - sorry! But they all have the same ending.

    DD: Corabella, Willabella, Ella, Isabella, Elizabella, Noella, Novella, Annabella, Gisella, Serenella, Jezabella, Christabella, Ariella, Fiorella, Giannella, Arabella, Orabella, Pella, Joella, Mariella, Reinella, Rosella, Terriella ||||| Gwendoline, Isabelline, Madeline, Adeline, Coraline, Line, Caroline, Emmaline, Evangeline, Mandoline, Magdeline

    DD: Aletta, Coretta, Gianetta Elixavetta, Elsavetta, Rosetta, Violetta, Zetta, Eletta, Etta, Nicoletta, Finetta, Arletta, Musetta, Cosetta, Fiammetta, Loretta, Julietta, Isabetta, Henrietta, ||||| Bay, May, Cay, Bray, Ashlay, Ellamay, Holiday, Gray, Lindsay, Murray, Tay, Sunday, Deondray, Day, Fay, Finlay,

    DS: Bannan, Donan, Finnan, Cannan, Brennan, Keenan, Seanan, Tiernan, Kiernan, Ronan, Zenan ||||| Benno, Dano, Dino, Kano, Maximino, Adriano, Fenno, Justino, Leno, Feliciano, Zeno, Christiano, Jeno, Jano, Juliano, Roano, Valentino,

    DD: Angelina, Seraphina, Carolina, Lina, Lovina, Marina, Ondina, Regina, Philomina, Wilhelmina, Fiorentina, Gemina, Katrina, Celestina, Valentina, Delphina, Emeraldina, Gina, Asterina, Clementina, ||||| Bellette, Lizabette, Alette, Bette, Annette, Florette, Jette, Lunette, Brette, Charlette, Cosette, Colette, Evette,

    DS: Ian, Caspian, Adrian, Brian, Dorian, Jamesian, Maximillian, Rian, Rhian, Torian, Zorian, Willian, Damian, ||||| Cannon, Lennon, Keenon, Shannon, Rennon, Drennon, Kennon, Leonon, Vernon, Tannon

    DD: Arielle, Adabelle, Zoelle, Candelle, Robelle, Axelle, Belle, Sorelle, Cordelle, Christabelle, Danielle, Edelle, Elle, Delle, Hazelle, Jowelle, Karielle, Lionelle, Lorelle, Kendelle, Marybelle, Merielle, Mozelle, Nickelle, Odelle, Anelle, Noelle ||||| Ashira, Gwyneira, Nira, Zephira, Saphira, Mira, Veira, Elvira, Kira, Ceaira, Cira, Elmira,


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    Girls: Neva, Hope, Katherine, Harlow, Vivienne, Florence, Grace, Nalha, Primrose, Arabella, Isla.

    Boys: Nicholas, Luke, Stephen, Leon, John, William, Henry, Victor, Fredrich, Rainer, Simon, Felix.

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    What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

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