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    WDYT of Emmanuel?

    I dont even know what I think of this name yet! Ive just heard it and was wondering what peoples thoughts on it are.
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    This is actually a favorite of mine, but I generally spell it with one M (Emanuel) and pronounce it like it is in Portuguese, which is approximately ee-mah-nu-el. I also like the English pronunciation (ee-man-u-el), though!

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    Not a fanz

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    When I first ever heard of the name, I assumed it was a girls name. I don't know why, I guess its just the combination of Emma and sounds feminine
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    This is a Hebrew name meaning 'God is with us/ God is among us'. A bit of history behind the name for you:

    Emmanuel (also spelt Immanuel) was the foretold name of the Messiah in the Old Testament.

    As a Christian, I like the meaning. I think it's a strong name however, not very widely used anymore. That's not a bad thing though if you're going for names that aren't super popular. This is a name that has been used in England since the 16th century, so it certainly has history and is recognised, but is obviously not so widespread. If you like the name, I certainly think it would work. It's a strong solid name and has good nickname potentials, however depending on where you are it could be viewed as 'weird' if people are not familiar with it's history.

    A good variation could be Manuel - (pronounced Man-wel) a name which is probably more common among Spanish and Portuguese (I always think of Manuel from the TV series 'Fawlty Towers' haha). Just an option though if you like the sound of Emmanuel, but are uncertain of how people might react or how well it will be received. In general I'd say Manuel is probably more well recognised than Emmanuel, so could be a good alternative.

    Sorry, if I got off track there with the little history lesson lol.

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