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    Looking for a boys name to go with sister Eva Rose


    We have a beautiful 3 year old daughter named Eva Rose and she suits the name perfectly. We are now expecting a bouncing baby boy!

    We would love to find a name that goes well with Eva which doesn't have any links to family names to save any disappointment.

    So far, I have fallen for Marlowe, yet we haven't found a middle name to go with it. Eva and Marlowe sounds pretty cute though I think. But I am unsure of how unisex the name really is?

    Would love any suggestions!

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    I like Marlowe with Ava. It's cute. Would you use a nickname? Marley is cute too
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    For a boy? I hear Harlow and Marlowe on girls. I dislike them in either gender. Eva Rose is stunning. It's classic yet modern. I would use a similar type name for your son:

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    Eva Rose is adorable! I'm biased, as Eva's one of my favorites, but it's such a beautiful name. I actually really like the idea of a unisex-ish name with Eva, but I'm not sure about Marlowe. Marlo's fully a girls' name, from what I know (I think?), and Marlowe and Harlow have been trending to girls lately, too. While I'm a *huge* fan of unisex names on boys (ha! Right now, Avery, Rory, Rowan, Bailey, Emerson, Harper, Schuyler (Skyler), and Addison are all on my boys' list, although most of them probably won't last), I am having a hard time seeing Marlowe on a boy, although I do sort of see it, I guess, because of Kit Marlowe (which definitely isn't a bad thing!). I thought Eva and Bailey or Eva and Schuyler or Eva and Damian would be nice. Hmm. What about:

    Eva and Peter
    Eva and Elliott
    Eva and Julian
    Eva and George
    Eva and Zane
    Eva and Theo(dore)
    Eva and Felix
    Eva and Finley
    Eva and Killian
    Eva and Leo(pold)
    Eva and Daniel
    Eva and Westley
    Eva and Isaac
    Eva and Nathaniel (love!)
    Eva and Casper (probably biased here, but on my name list, Grace, Eva, and Casper were right next to each other for a really long time, and I thought that would make the most adorable trio! I still love all three together)
    Eva and Linus
    Eva and Maximilian (love!)
    Eva and Thomas

    Good luck!
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    I think Eva and Jax would be perfect! Max and Dash are also great!

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