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    Louis (pronounced with french accent). I agree with some of you who said that Frederick is an awesome name - I'd pick it as my second favourite. I also like Logan a lot, as well as Milton and classic John.
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    I've been liking Wyatt lately. I love the meaning of it and that it isn't too common (at least where I'm from)
    Not expecting...yet! Just love names!
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    I tend to like classic and irish names when it comes to boys so my current favorites are Benjamin(even though it's really popular), Tristan, Killian, Aidan and Nathaniel

    Vanessa Linnea|Melanie Estelle|Cassandra ?

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    I had fun reading these.

    If I had to choose my top 3 boy names, they would be Abel, Boaz, and Wolfgang

    Abel - This is my son's name. I think it's one of the best and underused Bible names. (I'm not complaining about the "underused" part - so happy my boy has an uncommon name). Yes, I know that Abel was the first murder in the Bible, but he was also the first to show true faith. (As described in Hebrews 11). One of the things I really like about this name is that I can picture any "type" of man with this name. Both my husband and I have short and tall people on either side, so his genes could go either way. I can picture a big strong man named Abel, but also a "smaller" guy named Abel too.

    Boaz Another OT name that I LOVE. Boaz from the Bible made me fall in love with the name. Not sure if we would use Abel AND Boaz though. They go together well, but maybe a little TOO well.

    - This has been my #1 boy name since I was 10 years old. Such a strong name and one that most people like, but not many are ballsy enough to use, ha! A big name. I LOVE the nickname Wolf/Wolfe or Wolfie. I was fully intending to name our first son Wolfgang but chickened out. I'm crushing on the name again - big time, so we will see if we end up using it next time around, if we have a boy.
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    My favorite boy name is Houston specific reason other than I just like the way it flows.

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