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    I have two favorites right now, Linus and Ansel. Middle name would likely be Frederick (explanation below).

    Linus - I love that it's so unusual. It's also one of the first names SO suggested. A long time favorite of mine was Lucas and Linus is the perfect replacement for it.
    Ansel - A fun way to honor my grandpa, Richard. He loved Ansel Adams pictures. Since SO and I are already planning on using Frederick to honor his dad, I thought Ansel would be a great way to avoid having another "rick" name.
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    Leo - I love the simplicity of Leo. It sounds handsome, dashing, and charming, but not over the top or trying too hard.

    William - I love this classic name. I find it elegant and regal. It's one of the few names where I find a nickname appropriate, as I also love the nickname Will.

    Henry - My husband's middle name and one of our favorites. It's another classic, handsome name that ages well.

    Gabriel - This is my husband's favorite and we've been planning for years to name our son (if we have one) Gabriel. Its current popularity has totally turned me off, but my husband loves it and I do still love the name. I just wish it wasn't so popular.
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    I recently updated my rankings and Everett nn Rhett replaced Theodore as #1 for the first time since I was 15! August (nn Gus), Edward (nn Ned) and Julian (nn Jude) are the names that follow it
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    My favorite boys name has not changed since I was little. Seth Thomas. Here's the rest of my top ten...
    Scott- What me and my husband decided to name our first boy. Compromise :-)
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    My fave is Nathan.
    I like its simplicity and familiarity and the fact that it's not overly popular.

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