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    Travis and Angus are my favorites. They both have a cool-without-trying, laid-back, tough guy vibe. My husband and I agreed pretty readily upon Travis for our first born, and now we are thrilled to have agreed upon Angus for a future son. We also really like Harvey, and if we are blessed with a third boy, he will probably be a Harvey. I wish girl's names were so easy for us!
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    Frederick. It kind of crept up on me. I never expected to love it, let alone love it enough to plan on using it for a son someday. My soon-to-be husband loves it too, which also surprises me.

    I love Frederick's meaning. I love that it was my great-grandfather's name. I love that it's a name with a long history. And I think Freddie on a little boy is irresistible. It strikes me simultaneously as both strong and serene, manly and gentle.

    If I'm lucky enough to have a son, I think I'd like to call him Frederick Robert Keith.

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    To me Boys names are a lot more difficult than girl's, but My favourites are probably Patrick, Ethan, Gabriel (my views on this one change from time to time), and maybe Vincent (Like Van Gogh). I think Isaiah is sort of growing on me.

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    Eamon is 'our' favourite. I love it because my husband is so fond of it and he has never been so enthusiastic about any other name. It has a familiar sound (similar to Aidan, Damon), but is a pleasantly unique choice.

    My favourite is Leo or Owen (Owen is too close to Eamon unfortunately), since both are strong, uncommon, masculine choices and to me would suit from birth to an adult.
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    Robin is my favourite, there is just something about it. Also Robin Hood and Christopher Robin.

    Emrys - I love Welsh names, they're special to me and this is my favourite of the boys.
    Caspian - To me it's a strong and manly name, and not super popular.

    Close runner-ups are Arthur, Edward and Henry. On boys I tend to lean towards more classic names.
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