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    Morgan Zachary is my all time favorite. I have recently fallen in love with Avery Glen (Glen is an honor name) or Avery Thomas. I would love to have a little Morgan and Avery some day. I'm trying not to get too attached to Avery though because unfortunately I'm pretty sure my SO would nix that immediately
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    Leo. It's handsome but cute to me, so therefore I can picture it on a toddler, child and adult. Another reason as to why I like it is because it hasn't switched over to the girls, and I can't imagine it doing so.
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    It's between Archer Finley and Piers Lachlan. Archer Finley is special for the feelings it gives us. Piers means "rock" or "stone" and Lachlan means "land of the lochs" We both grew up in a city that has river and rock in the name. Are parents and grandparents grew-up either in that city or the neighboring city. Our son was born there and had his early childhood there. Lots of memories were made there. That city will always hold a special place in our hearts.
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    George, it's a versatile solid male name with some history and I smile every time I see the name or hear it out loud

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    Travis and Angus are my favorites. They both have a cool-without-trying, laid-back, tough guy vibe. My husband and I agreed pretty readily upon Travis for our first born, and now we are thrilled to have agreed upon Angus for a future son. We also really like Harvey, and if we are blessed with a third boy, he will probably be a Harvey. I wish girl's names were so easy for us!
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