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    Well, I haven't posted in a while...but I've been thinking a lot about names lately!

    I don't think I can pick just one! Recently, I've been loving:
    Sebastian-It's well known, easy to pronounce, but not common where I am. I've loved this name for years!
    James-This one has been growing on me lately! Nn Jamie
    Benjamin-This is just a wonderful classic. I can imagine it on a young boy and a grown man and it just gives me a warm feeling!

    Current crushes:
    Girls: Adelaide, Fiona, Nora, Molly
    Boys: Benjamin, Levi, Miles/Milo, Sebastian, Theodore, James, Remi/Remy

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    I'll just leave my top ten:

    Chetan Paul

    As you can clearly see, I'm into nature-inspired names for boys. My dad is with the DNR and I grew up in a state park. Chetan (rhymes with Peytan) is the Lakota word for hawk and has been my number one boys' for a long while now. (Paul is my dad's name and would be the middle.) Steel and Dalamar are characters in one of my favorite series - AWESOME strong characters that I fell in love with in high school and then just grew to love the names on their own.

    I love all of these because they're memorable, distinctive, easy to spell, and you don't hear them over and over and over again. Well, I should say you don't hear them a ton now; that might not be the case when I get around to using them, but still. These are the ones I just keep coming back to. With boys, I feel like you just hear the same twenty names used over and over again, and after a while they start to sound like generic brands. As in, "Oh look, another fill-in-the-blank." Aidan, Brandon, Matthew, Jacob. (Mind, I'm not bashing those names or anyone who loves them. I just feel like they're overused.)
    Kimimela Journey ("Kimmi") :: Daenerys Anastasia :: Azalea Dawn :: Primavera Rain :: Arwen Seraphina

    Chetan Paul :: Jaxon Jacob :: Heath Conor :: Aspen :: Arrow :: Lynx :: Wolf :: River :: Kodiak :: Sequoyah :: Valor

    Crushes: Adair; Winter; Esmerée; Isabeau; Avalon; Parvaneh; Mariposa; Luthien

    Newest discovered gem: Naia

    Yet another name nerd among many.

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    Raphael! I see I'm the second vote for it, haha. Love how romantic it is, and the artist connection. Plus the angel gives it great meaning.
    - Elise -

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    At this moment, I'm loving Peter. Classic without being pretentious and familiar without being overused. And I love that it has one of the great all-boy nicknames.

    Joseph has been my favorite for the longest. Joe. Pure strength.

    Edward is also a long-time favorite... mostly as a way to get to Ned.
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