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    Help me choose a combo!

    Since my last post, DH has made its clear he does not like Freya or Eva (which were on my list for fn's) And also Genevieve or Juliet (which were on my list for mn's)

    So now the top of my list looks like this...



    I do love all these names but I have these concerns:

    Nora - this one seems popular on Nameberry but it's not popular or common at all where I live (UK). Which is a good thing but at the same time the couple of people I have mentioned it to respond simply by saying "oh!" and I think the general consensus is that it's an 'old lady name'.

    Elsa - DH loves this name and had no idea about the Frozen association but I do and I'm concerned that it'll become over popular over the next few years due to the popularity of the movie and also the popularity of other 'El' names (Eleanor, Ellie, Ella etc...)

    I guess my question is, with the security of Nameberry aside (where guilty pleasure names are rife!)... in 'real life' which of these two names would you use? Is Nora really too old and boring for a little girl? Will Elsa really be too common and popular to use? And which of the above two middle names fits best with these two firsts? I've always like Nora Vivienne and DH likes Elsa Evelyn...

    We have been through lists of soooo many names and these are the ones we have whittled them down to so your help at this final name-choosing hurdle would be much appreciated Berries Thank you...
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    You have four beautiful names there, you can't go wrong! I don't see Nora as old or Elsa as common. My personal favorite is Nora Vivienne.
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    I don't find Nora old at all but I do have my concerns about Elsa becoming too popular, I can't choose a favourite out of Nora Vivienne and Elsa Evelyn. But what about Evelyn Nora?
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    My favorite would be Nora Vivienne, such a beautiful name. I do not feel that Nora is old and boring or that Elsa will be common. Elsa might shine in the spotlight for a few years (because of the movie), but I think will start fading again. Nora feels stable, at least here in the states. Elsie the Cow was a mascot for Borden Dairy Company, now to Eagle Brand. I personally cannot hear Elsie or Elsa without picturing and thinking of this mascot. I assume this would not be an issue where you live.

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    I really like Nora and Elsa. To me both have the same vintage, old lady charm.

    I think Vivienne is a much nicer mn choice for both of your current fn choices than Evelyn. IT has a nicer flow with each name. I think it’s the -a E- combo that is a bit abrupt for me and I think the -a V- just connects the names better.

    PS: I think it’s hard to speculate about if Elsa will become more popular do to the movie or not - that’s always a bit of a crab shoot - unless you see an actual statistical upturn I think it is difficult to really take that into consideration.
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