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    Beyond terrible, ugh! Blakeley/Blakely spelled correctly is bad enough on a girl, misspelling it just makes it worse. It happens to be my surname (ley ending).
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    Quote Originally Posted by geeknamezyo View Post
    For a second, when I saw the title, I though you were a person considering the name Blakeleigh and experienced a jolt of sheer revulsion/despair.
    This exactly.
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    I hate Blakeleigh and its many variations as a first name and it should remain as a surname. I also hate the 'leigh' trend, names with this ending just don't appeal to me
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    You scared me! I thought you were actually considering it for yourself. I don't like it one bit. It looks like another surname that was 'prettied up' for a girl. Changing -ly to -leigh always bothers me because they are pronounced different, but no one that does it usually takes notice of it. Blakeleigh to me would be Blake - lay(rhymes with sleigh).
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    I don't like Blakely at all. That lady Trista Rehn from the Bachelorette (several seasons ago) named her daughter Blakesly (not sure on the spelling, but she added an S in there). I think it's awful.
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