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Thread: Boaz

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    What are your thoughts on this name? Nameberry just listed it in a blog post of one of the "best of the best" names.

    I like Hebrew names, and my son is Asher. Is it too out there?

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    I'm not too crazy about it although I can see it's appeal, since it has a cool sound with the 'Z' at the end. I think it goes fairly well with your son's name. I guess it depends on your area regarding 'out thereness', but personally I'd say that it would be quite unfamiliar to most people.
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    Boaz works if you're super religious. If you're not, I'd leave it alone.
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    I like it. I think it's cool, but it may be a bit singsongey with your son's name since they both have the 'a' sound.

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    I love Boaz. Asher and Boaz would be very nice together. I'd honestly be thrilled if I ever met someone with this name.
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