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Thread: Davina nn Davi

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    Davina nn Davi

    Davi prn. DAH-vee. What do you think?
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    I've always liked Davina. I think it's more well-known in Britain than in North America. I think it's pretty and sophisticated. There is a Lady Davina Windsor in the British Royal Family so it's a quasi-royal name too. Personally, I would choose either Vina (veena), Ina (eena) or even Vivi (veevee) over Davi as a nickname.
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    While I do love the name Davina, I don't like Davi for a nickname. I much prefer Avi or no nickname at all.
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    Davina is lovely and I prefer it without a nickname!
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    I love Davina! I think Davi works but is a little awkward with that A sound (even though I know how to pronounce the full name, I still want to say "day-vee.") I second Mischa's suggestions, especially Vivi.
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