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    How to get to Cal?

    We love the nickname Cal but find it too short to be a standalone name. We are trying to find a name we both like that can be shortened to Cal. We have considered the following but for one reason or the other do not like them: Calvin, Callan, Callum, Callahan

    Are there any other names that may work?

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    Charles could work. Calloway? Campbell, Carlton, Carlisle... any name with a C, A, and L works imo.
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    I was going to suggest Calloway, love that name!

    Or Calen, Caelan, Calder, Caleb, Calhoun, Calix, Calixto, Carlos, Carlsen, Carroll, Cassiel, Conall?
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    I should also add we are looking for something unique and would prefer it have the "Cal" sound to it (like Calvin)

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    Calisto would be my pick.

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