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    How do you pronounce Violet?

    I notice as I share my current favored baby name of Violet, some people say the o more pronounced than others..... I personally say a soft o like in Olive.... not Olivia.

    What do you say?

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    I say it like "v-eye-let" but some people do pronounce it "vee-oh-let" which is usually a nn for Violetta.
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    Vy-oh-let. Similar to the O in Olive I guess? Then again, I say the O in Olive and Olivia the same way. Long o sound, but quick and short.
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    Vie-let. But when you say that you can still hear a slight O. I'd say it's 97 percent almost the same and definitely interchangeable.

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    I pronounce it veye-let.

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