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    It's not a bad spelling. I like it, but I do prefer Vivienne. I pronounce Vivienne different than Vivian though, so that's a factor to consider.
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    Amelia and Vivienne are perfect together but only this spelling, or perhaps Vivian.

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    To be honest, I feel like Vivienne should be pronounced vivi-ENNE, as it would in French since it's the French spelling, and I don't really like that. The way I like Vivian/Viviane pronounced sounds like Viviana, minus the a ending. What do you think? Does it come off as 'too much'? Or just a touch exotic?

    I should add that we live in a part of Canada that has a fairly large French community so Vivienne would definitely be pronounced vivi-ENNE by quite a few.
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    My French professor was named Viviane. It's pronounce "vivi-AHN." My preferred spelling is Vivien.
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    I definitely prefer Vivienne, it's the only spelling I like. Gorgeous name btw.
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