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    Viviane - what do you think of this spelling?

    Yet another name my husband and I came up with last night. We couldn't agree on the spelling though. Viviane is the only spelling I really like, while he prefers Vivienne. Any thoughts? Do you think one is more wearable than the other? Big sister is Amelia. Thanks!

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    I vastly prefer Vivienne, which looks more feminine to me. I think Vivian is the male spelling.
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    Sorry I'm with your husband, although my preferred spelling would be Vivien. To me it's simple and clean with the least chance of misspelling. Vivienne is very feminine looking though. Viviane on the other hand looks a bit jammed together. However you decide to spell it, I love the name.

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    I just think Viviane is a less familiar spelling. I kind of stopped for a minute and thought "wait is it supposed to be pronounced vivi-ANNE?" just because I wasn't familiar with that spelling. So for that reason I prefer Vivian or Vivienne. Not that it would be a big deal to correct. You'll probably always have to correct spelling anyway since there are different variations.

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    Though the more I look at Viviane the more I like it. I'm not particularly a fan of Vivienne bc it is a little frilly for me. So I might be swayed to Viviane over Vivienne. Or maybe Vivien could be a compromise?

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