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    Name my daughter :)

    I am two weeks away from my delivery date and we have yet to agree on a name. We both have large personalities, enjoy being unique/different, like names that can be Unisex or not we can go either way (my name is a boy's name), and really like things with meaning. I'd really like our baby girl's name to reflect these things. Right now we say she's a little diva because she plays with us (i.e. she'll kick all day but not cooperate for the sonogram, or stop kicking as soon as someone else tries to feel her, etc.) so we'd like a name that fits her already present personality.

    I listed some names we are tossing around below, if you can tell me your thoughts on these names or provide other suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. The middle name we have in mind is Grace, but are not stuck with that.

    Samantha - When it comes to a NN I like Sam, but don't like Sammi. Our family says this is not "unique" enough for us.
    Harper - I used to love years ago, but now I feel it's too trendy and I don't love the meaning. This is the front runner with my family.
    Layla - Spelling TBD, but my husband doesn't like it because of the Eric Clapton song. I really like it.
    Annabelle - Spelling TBD, I really love it, but no one else in the family really likes it This would be my front runner right now.

    I love Belle or Bella so I tried to incorporate that. I thought to just name her Belle or Bella, but my husband didn't like that either.

    I also love the name Alexa, or just the sound of Lex, Lexie, etc but that's my niece's name so that's out. I thought to use Alexandra so I can still have the sound, but I don't love the name.

    Just to give an idea of other name types we liked - the below were also in the running but never made it to the top of the list for some reason.


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    I love your narrowed down choices with the exception of Samantha-just not a fan.
    My favorite is probably Annabelle, but she feels really sweet and not so feisty...Leila (spelled this way) seems spunky, classic, uncommon, and familiar all at the same time.

    As for suggestions...what do you think of:
    Lucy or Luciana came to mind...nickname Lux?
    Bellamy (nn belle or Bella)

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    Hmm, none of those names seem very speak spunk or personality, to me.
    I find it interesting that you dislike unisex names, as Addison, Emerson, Taylor, Peyton and Harper are all very conventionally unisex.

    Anyhow, I'd say probably the spunkiest bel/belle name is Jezebel, though people usually either love or hate that name, and I don't know which you are.


    Carlotta nn Lotta, Lotte
    Elisabeth - I don't know if spunky Victorian's what you're going for, but it's pretty much the world's most versatile name.
    Cora, Coral, Coralie, Coraline
    Alexandrine (are all -lex- names out of the running?)
    Leonor, Lenore
    Eliora, Liora - lovely meaning, "my light"
    Amedeo Enjolras Aristotle Leonardo Archer Olivier Mischa Liam Caspian Benedict Theodore Fitzwilliam
    Rosalie Evangeline Mirabelle Ophelia Alice Elisabeth Stella Titania Artemis Cicely Margarethe Thalia Astrid

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    Your choices are confusing me a bit, none of them match up to what you said you want in a name...

    Samantha - it's pretty, but I don't find it to be spunky or unique in anyway. If anything it borders on the plain and common to me, even with the nickname Sam.

    Harper - it's a very trendy name and even though it was practically unheard of once upon a time it is now a top 100 in the US. I think due to this immense boost (and the Beckham association) it's lost a lot of it's spunk, I think it's still unique enough for a boy though...although that's probably no help for you.

    Layla - I like this name, sweet with a bit of bite, but very popular and not at all unique. I personally prefer the somewhat similar Leela, a different sound (LEE not LAY) but nonetheless pretty, I find it packs more of a punch.

    Annabelle - I prefer the spelling Annabel but both are pretty to me. However, I don't find this name to be at all spunky or unisex, and again a top 100 name.

    Here are some names that (in my mind) encompass the things that you want:
    Including Belle/a like names:
    Sybella/Cybele or even the more simple Sybil at a push.

    Noah (I love it on a girl)

    Some other names (some may be accidentally unisex)

    Best of luck naming your daughter! Sorry if anything I said comes across as offensive, I can be a little abrupt sometimes...
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    Jude|Oscar|Xavier|Patrick|Bart|Felix|Nathaniel|Fre derick|Isaac|Evan|Theodore|Adam|Jasper|Callum|Ezra |Ezekiel|Henry|Samson|Niall|Percy|Barney|Seamus|Ha velock

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    I, personally, like Samantha. I've only ever met one and she was a sweetheart.

    Since you like Bella/Belle: Arabelle/Arabella, Sabella, Marbella, Mirabelle/Mirabella

    Other suggestions: Odette, Felicity, Odile, Giselle, Clara, Jessamine, Cosette, Tenley, Colette, Paige, Bria, Capella, Rhea, Morrigan, Ainsley, Rochelle, Dakota, Sage, Aspen, Kimber, Laurel, Cordelia, Thea, Audra, Channing, Lexington, Blythe

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