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    I have an Anna and before we decided on simply Anna we considered Annabelle, Anna pellagra, Annabeth, and Annalise.

    I liked the lex sound as well. A girl I know named one of her twin girls Ellexi. Some others are Alexis, Alexia, Lexia but they to me seem to similar to Alexa. Maybe Lexus or Lexis?
    Alexandra or Alexandria is a gorgeous name i haven't heard in a long time... You could call you Lex or Lexi besides Alex.

    I have always loved Layla/Leila/Laila/Leyla. When I was little I was in a class with a Layla.i thought her name was so unique and sassy. I have considered this for one of my kids. Other names I personally thought were similar are...

    I do like Harper. Especially on a girl. I know it's popular, but I have never met one and I work at a preschool, and volunteer at an elementary school. Other names that always seemed to have a similar feel to Harper are...

    I went to high school with a few Samantha's. Some nicknames each had are: Sami, Mae, Mannie, and Minnie. I know, kind of random. But it worked!!

    Here are some other suggestions..

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    Congratulations! Apologies in advance for any repeats.

    Samantha Grace flows well and, to me, suits the personality you have described. You could also get the nickname Sam with

    Jessamy Grace
    Jessamine Grace
    Rosamund Grace

    Harper Grace also works well, but I understand your concern about popularity. What about

    Amber Grace
    Asher Grace
    Aster Grace
    Carter Grace
    Ellery Grace
    Ember Grace
    Esther Grace
    Everly Grace
    Hadley Grace
    Haylie Grace
    Parker Grace
    Taylor Grace
    Grace Winter

    Layla Grace is just gorgeous. Here are some other options

    Ayla Grace
    Hayla Grace
    Kaia Grace
    Kayla Grace
    Lila Grace
    Lola Grace
    Luna Grace
    Lyra Grace
    Lyla Grace
    Mikayla Grace

    Annabelle Grace also works! Here are some other options

    Abeline Grace
    Abelia Grace
    Adeline Grace
    Adelyn Grace
    Amabel Grace
    Angeline Grace
    Annabeth Grace
    Arabelle/a Grace
    Aveline Grace
    Belinda Grace
    Bellamy Grace
    Bellatrix Grace
    Beatrix Grace
    Elizabeth Grace (nn Belle)
    Estelle/a Grace
    Evangeline Grace
    Evelyn Grace
    Isobeline Grace
    Madeline Grace
    Madelyn Grace
    Stella Grace
    Emmeline Grace

    If you love Alexa, maybe you will like

    Alethea Grace
    Alessandra Grace
    Lux Gracienne
    Pax Gracienne
    Paxton Grace
    Maxine Grace
    Xanthe Grace
    Evanthe Grace

    If you like Addison, maybe you'll like

    Allison Grace
    Anniston Grace
    Ashton Grace
    Avalon Grace
    Cameron Grace
    Ellen Grace
    Ellison Grace
    Elodie Grace
    Elowen Grace
    Jamison Grace
    Katelin Grace
    Katherine Grace
    Leighton Grace
    London Grace
    Marion Grace
    Elena Grace

    Would love to hear what you decide on!
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    It's funny but I would go with just Sam as a full name. I think it's cute, spunky and fully suitable for an adult woman as well.

    Sam Alexandra maybe?

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    It's traditionally a male name, but the flower named after the youth has made it into a female name now. I think it fits all your criteria perfectly.

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    Samantha - I'm personally not a fan of Samantha, I agree that it doesn't seem to have the spunk and uniqueness that you're looking for.

    Harper - I like this name but I agree that it's very trendy nowadays especially since
    Victoria Beckham used it. It was #16 in the US in 2014 so there'll definitely be a lot of Harpers around by the time your daughter starts school.

    Layla - I love Layla and I rarely hear of it being used (although apparently #30 in 2013!) Haven't heard the song so I can't comment on that association. I would keep the spelling as is, Layla is the prettiest spelling of this name imo.

    Annabelle - Annabelle is pretty, seems very cutesy and girly to me. If you really love it, try to push it a bit more and your family might be convinced. Annabelle is a name that will stand the test of time compared to Harper which will probably be seen as being outdated in a few years.

    As for Belle, if it is not incorporated into whatever first name you choose, you can always use it as a middle. Goes with nearly any name imo.

    Suggestions (sorry for any repeats!)

    Scarlett (my first thought once I started reading your post)

    Good luck!
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