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Thread: Top 20

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    I love doing these! I only just managed to do my top 10 for each gender, let alone 20! Ah well, I'll just do full combos (and a few combos) to compensate.

    1. Pandora Valencia Fae
    2. Evanthe Lyra Jessamine
    3. Beatrix Clara Elizabeth
    4. Rowenna Lilith Winter
    5. Phaedra Georgiana Enid
    6. Morgana Hermione Clio
    7. Arabella Rosalind Constance
    8. Saffron Tallulah Frances
    9. Mairead Imogen Elspeth
    10. Skylark Matilda Florence
    11. Arietta Iris Alexandria

    Other crushes: Ginevra/Ginny, Chrysanthe, Sephora/Saphora, Illyria, Ithaca, Hera, Thalia, Ilithyia, Mycenae, Phoenicia. Last 3 more likely as middles.

    1. Caspian Sherlock Edmund
    2. Phoenix Arthur Blaise
    3. Ptolemy Alexander Remus
    4. Artemus Bartholomew Malik
    5. Lorenzo Julian Cyril
    6. Nikolai Horatio Emrys
    7. Evander Lucian Francis
    8. Ephraim Timothy Silas
    9. Barnaby Gideon Hugo
    10. Bronwyn Alasdair Laszlo
    11. August Orion Zephyr
    12. Indigo Leonidas Kai

    Other crushes: Archie, Darcy, Daedalus, Icarus, Benedict Amadeus, Wolfram/Wolf.
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    Mister Men

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    I'm another member who loves these sort of threads. I haven't thought of combinations for all of the names in my Top 20 yet, although I'll share the ones that I do have:

    1. Adelina "Lina" Sophia
    2. Séverine Eloise
    3. Magdalena "Lena" Élisabeth
    4. Isla May
    5. Freya Ivalo
    6. Scarlett Rose
    7. Seraphina "Phina" Victoria
    8. Eulalia Maria
    9. Cecilia Helena / Helena Catharina: can't decide!
    10. Aveline Mathilde
    11. Madeleine Sophia
    12. Josephine "Josie" Charlotte
    13. Poppy Amelia
    14. Theodora "Theo" Louise
    15. Athénaïs Lenore
    16. Emmeline Isolde
    17. Rosamund Elvira
    18. Zephyrine Amalie
    19. Solveig Leonore
    20. Ophelia _______

    1. Leo Xavier
    2. Alexander "Xander" George
    3. Harry Lysander
    4. Max Alfie
    5. Jasper Theodore
    6. Arthur James
    7. Christian Isaac
    8. Joseph Balthasar
    9. Thomas Archie
    10. Félix Hugo
    11. Frederic Reuben
    12. Cornelius Laszlo
    13. Viggo ________
    14. Noah ________
    15. Sebastian Ivo / Ivan (can't decide)
    16. Owen _______
    17. Euan ________
    18. Joshua _______
    19. Gabriel _______
    20. Josias Edmond / Edmond Josias (can't decide, although I think I slightly prefer Edmond Josias)
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    Leo Xavier ♕ Alexander George ♕ Thomas Archie ♕ Nicholas Louis

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    These are so fun My list is in constant flux lately, but I'll see what I can do.

    Combos I've Loved For Years
    Annabel Dorothea Joy
    Eloise Tatiana May
    Clara Felicity Ruth
    Jillian Magnolia Kate
    • Amélie Genevieve Anne

    Fletcher Gideon Ace
    Beckett Elijah Tate
    Rowan Theodore West
    Sawyer Finnian Jude
    Holden Rafferty Noel

    Newer Name Loves
    Lorelei _____ Anne
    Vivienne Eloisa Joy
    Sophie Heloise
    Hermione Iris/Matilda iris
    Cecily June
    Extra: Helena Isabelle

    Ashley l Christian l Journalist

    Lorelei Anne, Hermione Iris, Rosalind Cora

    Phineas Reid

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