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    Wow this is quite the criteria but better have an idea of what you want than no clue...
    I love the suggestion of Killian, Roman, and Thaddeus.

    Other suggestions:

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    Xi'An, China
    - No "hippie" nature names, word names, occupation names and especially no place names.
    - Nicknames unfortunately seem to be a must, so if the intuitive nickname is lousy it is out. Alex is also off limits.
    - Strong, manly names. He said he wanted a warrior name, but I made several lists of over 200 names total and he didn't find anything he liked, so I am going to broaden that to no unisex names. Oh but we will accept names that mean peace or calm, to honor my grandmother.
    -popularity isn't a huge deal, but preferably something a little less mainstream. I wouldn't want anything in the top 500 but I guess I can't be too picky at this point. We live in the US.
    - I also like connections to mythology, literature, or history, but none are nessessary.
    - Middle name may or may not be Thomas. Last name sounds like Nap.
    - My heritage is Italian, Irish, and Scottish. His is Irish, French and Native American. Doesn't have to have any of these origins, but bonus points if they are.
    Hmmm... Well, with the surname Nap it becomes more difficult. You probably won't want anything ending with an 'n', as it will slur (i.e. Chayton Nap would become Chaytonnap). You'll also want to avoid 1 syllable first names, as they'll be choppy. I'll just throw some out, sorry for any repeats...
    Lorenzo Thomas Nap
    Cormac Thomas Nap
    Malcolm Thomas Nap
    Eliezer Thomas Nap
    Teague Thomas Nap
    Callum Thomas Nap
    Alec Thomas Nap
    Griffith Thomas Nap
    Gareth Thomas Nap
    Connelly Thomas Nap
    Caspar Thomas Nap
    Leander Thomas Nap
    Leo Thomas Nap
    Malachy Thomas Nap (Ma-la-kee, the Irish way)
    Anders Thomas Nap
    Asher Thomas Nap
    Frederick Thomas Nap
    Fraser Thomas Nap
    Atticus ____ Nap
    August _____ Nap
    Cassius ________ Nap
    Donnelly ________ Nap
    Kearney ________ Nap
    Ephraim Thomas Nap
    Ezra Thomas Nap
    Irving Thomas Nap
    Isaiah Thomas Nap
    Amos ____ Nap
    Abel Thomas Nap
    Josiah Thomas Nap
    Abraham Thomas Nap
    Bennett _____ Nap
    Clarence _____ Nap
    Lawrence ____ Nap
    Lewis ______ Nap
    Judah Thomas Nap
    Jennings ______ Nap
    Jasper _____ Nap
    Ezekiel Thomas Nap
    Jeremiah Thomas Nap
    Jonah Thomas Nap
    Jonas _____ Nap
    Julius _____ Nap
    Aurelius _____ Nap
    Marcus ______ Nap
    Micah Thomas Nap
    Zephaniah Thomas Nap
    Zachariah Thomas Nap
    Landry Thomas Nap
    Lowell Thomas Nap
    Milo Thomas Nap
    Oskar Thomas Nap
    Everett ____ Nap
    Emmett ____ Nap
    Evander Thomas Nap
    Pascal Thomas Nap
    Quincy Thomas Nap
    Roland Thomas Nap
    Rainier Thomas Nap
    Roscoe Thomas Nap
    Stanley Thomas Nap
    Cyrus _____ Nap
    Silas _____ Nap
    Darius _____ Nap
    Tobias _____ Nap
    Walter Thomas Nap
    Xavier Thomas Nap
    Horatio Thomas Nap
    Hugo Thomas Nap

    Honestly, I'd ask him to come up with a list and then you choose the ones you like. After all, he seems to be quite picky. Let him do the work...
    INTP Anthropologist Living in the centre of China, married to a Persian, and just enjoying a completely unpredictable life

    Emiliana Pari 郑煜曈 '14

    Raphael Artin
    Acadia Laleh

    Names I love, but cannot use:
    Soren Pasha, Caspian Bardia, Aryo Benjamin, Lorenzo Kaveh
    Rosalind Katayoun, Viola Parvaneh, Colette Firoozeh

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    I agree with @tfzolghadr - have him come up with a list if he's so picky
    Kirsty Emma Jayde Poppy Lauren Grace Ella Marigold Jayne Rosie Charlotte Mae
    Millie Florence Anne Amelie Sophia Rose Daisie Madeleine Eve Honey Martha Jane

    Thomas Aaron Michael Jamie Alexander Rhys Andrew Lachlan James Daniel Patrick Joshua
    Henry Christopher Louis Matthew Edward John Freddie Adam George Charlie Bennett Joel

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    neal, garrison, Hudson, elias, Rune, Leander, Russell, Gregory, otto, sylvan, corin, oran, Cormac, leopold, arlo, arvel, rory, oakes, dino, morgan, soren, markus, wade, westin, Alaric, alden, marcel, galen ("calm"), Harlan, leland

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    I'll give it a go!

    Ancient warriors:


    Manly names:


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