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Thread: Nameberry memes

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    You can't name your daughter Michael, that's sexist, but don't even think about naming your son Addison, Harper, Jamie, Finley or Darcy, they're too weak and feminine for a boy.
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    You can't use Tristan and Marina in the same sibset!! The names share four letters and are therefore entirely too matchy. This will somehow inhibit your children's ability to become healthy, productive members of society and develop their own unique identities.
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    Hi!!! My name is Lindsey Brooke Davis and I just found out that I'm pregnant!!!! Even though I'm only 14 and my boyfriend Justin hasn't even grown his first chest hair yet, we are suuuuper excited and our #1 concern is finding a unique name for this baby!! Here is our shortlist please tell me what you think!!!

    Leeym James
    Maysen James
    Eethyn James
    Ayden James

    Emmah Grace
    Ayvah Grace
    Matisyn Grace
    Lyllie Grace
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    Emily | 21 | USA
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    My name is Amelia Vivienne. My husband Oliver Jude and I are expecting one Perfect Princess and one Noble Knight in just a few weeks time. We are hoping for your assistance in honoring as many of our parents and grandparents as possible. We would be eternally grateful for any help constructing combinations.


    Felicity Imogen and Sebastian Beau

    Olive Cordelia and Dexter Otis


    Iris Elodie and Alexander Ignatius

    Ophelia Claire and Benedict Dean

    Agnes Blythe and Reuben Otis

    Greta Rosamund and Hugo Silas

    Many thanks,

    Amelia and Oliver
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    We're looking for a unique name that's at least 5 syllables, honors our heritage (DH is 1/5,023,649th ancient Mesopotamian!) and doesn't contain the letters A, E, I, O, or U. It should also be easily pronounceable in Spanish, Dutch, and Vietnamese.
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