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Thread: Nameberry memes

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    The user says, "I hate the names Diane and Rita! I'd never name my due-in-five-months baby those!"
    two days later, in the birth announcement forum
    "Diane Rita is here!"
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    Random human names (Rex, Max, Molly) are dog names!

    What about Blue, Grey, or Sunday?
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    These are hilarious.

    How about:
    "We have a 3 year old daughter called Catherine, and we have boy/girl twins called James and Lily. We love Peter for a boy, but are Catherine and Peter too Hunger Games?"
    "Is Isabella going to be really popular now because of Twilight?"
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    "I'd like a German name to honour my German heritage."

    What about Maria, Anna or Elisabeth? Those are very classic names in Germany.

    Or how about Mia, Leonie or Emilia? They were all within Germany's top 10 last year.

    "Don't be ridiculous, those names aren't nearly stereotypical or antiquated enough. I'm looking for a name than evokes a stereotypical view of Germanness, not a name that any actual German person has used for sixty years."

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    This is probably the best thread to ever exist on nameberry. I can't stop giggling while reading these!
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