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Thread: Nameberry memes

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    Downton Abbey
    I don't like judging by socioeconomic class so I would never stoop as low as using an offensive term like 'white trash' to describe a name. Oh wait, you're naming your baby Lacie-Mai Caitlyn? Oh that is so trashy!

    haley./twenty./still figuring things out.

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    To the poster who wanted to name her child Daisy: You do realize that it's the 198th most popular name in the country right now, don't you? Do you want your daughter to be like one of 5 Daisys in her class and to be known as Daisy LastInitial for the rest of her life? How will she ever distinguish herself or form her own identity? My name is Ashley and that's why I have no self-esteem and no identity. I would never do that to a child.

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    I really hate all the names on the top ten, just, why don't people use better names, like Beatrice! {Social Security list comes out} AAAAH Beatrice climbed 98 spots!! It is way too popular. People are always stealing my favorite name. >
    (By the way I do this all the time)
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    "DH and I are expecting identical quadruplet girls. Here are our top choices for them:
    *insert poster's favorite names*
    We can't agree on anything! Please help us!!!!!! Oh and PS I'm 9 months pregnant and didn't even THINK about a name until now so make it fast!! This is an EMERGENCY!
    - Ashley
    (The next day)
    We're proud to announce the birth of our perfect identical quadruplet daughters, (INSERT POSTER'S FAVORITE COMBOS). Everything went smoothly thank you so much for your help!!!!!
    - proud parents Ashley and mark!!!!"

    Most of the fakers have dissolved out, but you can still spot them.
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    Hi, my name is Ashley Nicole and I want to change my name. Ever since I've been 13 I've felt like it just wasn't *me.* I need something that will capture my radiant quintessence, something that's a total knockout foxy scholarly special name. Suggestions?
    Blade, MD

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