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    Names starting with S !!!

    Hi, this is my first thread! Love names and am always trying to find something perfect to add to my list of possible names for when God willing we have more babies! I would like to ask anyone that loves S names for boys or gn has used or who has heard of a great one could you please post some? :-)
    I have a list of 11 already and I'm contemplating adding Salem and September :-/ what do you all think?
    We like Hebrew names, biblical names, words that are pretty obviously what they mean, English names and nature names, nothing really trendy or common. Thanks so much!

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    Some of these might already be on the list, but I like

    Silas – wood, forest
    Stellan - calm - has a trendy sound maybe, but I don't think it's that popular. Love the idea of giving a son a 'calm' name

    I prefer Salem to September, but I can't say i'm a huge fan of either myself.
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    Spencer is my favorite "S" name. I also love Shane.

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