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    I like Hugo Warren and Edie Denise. I'm not sure about the 'ee' sounds in both Edie and Denise, but it's nice that Denise is to honour someone, and Edie is so cute.
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    I really like both boys names - Frank is cute, but i prefer Francis and I love the nn Frankie. Hugo is cute too so you really can't go wrong.
    For girls, I really love Esme. I like Edie too but prefer it as a nickname and I don't think it flows well with Denise.

    So I would go with Hugo Warren and Esme Denise x
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    Hugo & Esme are great!
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    Ava & Esme / Ava & Hugo

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    Frank and Edie

    I see lots of pronunciation issues involving Esme that could give you a headache.
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