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    Cast your FINAL vote! x

    Dear all,

    Me and my husband after feedback from a previous post have come to, two names left for a boy and girl. Anyone reading this post your preferences would be greatly appreciated as we still can't choose one definitive name fir each sex.

    We have a daughter Ava Helen already.

    All middle names given are relatives and not for changing.

    For a boy

    Frank Aaron or Hugo Warren

    For a girl

    Esme Denise. (Pronounced Ez-me and not Ez-May)

    Edie Denise

    Thanks for your help x

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    My favourite boy's name is Hugo Warren.

    I'm undecided on the girl's names- Although I love Edie, it's a nickname and may be hard for an adult to wear. Esme is lovely but you may come across lots of people mispronouncing her name.

    I think I'll have to vote with Edie.
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    Esme (lovely name and so much nicer as esmee than esmay) and Frank (Frank is so nice and underused, Hugo is also cute but I'm not sure how it could translate to an adult)

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    Hugo and Edie. I like Esme but I think there may be some pronunciation problems there.
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    I love Hugo and Edie
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