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    Love _____, But Not ______

    Are their any names that you love, but hate a very similar name? Maybe you don't hate the name, but it just doesn't share the appeal of its counterpart. Maybe one has a negative connotation for you, but the other is lovely.

    Do you have any examples of this?

    I have a few, but I think the most prominent for me is that I adore Clara, but severely dislike Claire.
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    I love Sophie, but only mildly like Sophia.
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    Loving for the ladies: Harriet, Olive, Daphne and Frances
    And for the gentlemen: Peter, Charles and Beau (much harder than girls for me)

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    I love Hugh, but I'm not that fond of Hugo.
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    I'm with you on Clara and Claire. Clara is lovely, but Claire makes me cringe.

    I love Emilia, but I'm not a fan of Amelia. Finley is one of my favorites, but I don't like Finlay at all.
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    Mine is a bit ridiculous. I LOVE Austen, but don't like Austin.
    Austen to me feels distinguished, is a last-name for a first name (which I love), has the literary connotations, whereas Austin just feels like a cowboy name, there's Austin in Texas, and Austin Powers.
    Silly stuff I know, but that's how I feel. Plus we pronounce them slightly differently, Austen is a bit softer.
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