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Thread: Baby Petra

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    Baby Petra

    Petra Kay is here! Born 5/19/14, 5lbs 11oz.

    Petra has been an uncommon name I have always adored. My husband and I read the Ender's Game series together a few years ago, which is what endeared the name to him. Kay is named for my mom, who died when I was 18. Her real name was Katherin, but she was known as Kay. I had originally planned to use Katherine, but my husband started calling her baby Kay (my fn is Kaylyn) before we had even chosen a first name, and it just stuck.
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    I ADORE Petra! It's on my list too.

    Beautiful name! Congratulations!
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    Congratulations! What a pretty name.
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    I too love the name Petra. It's strong, feminine, exotic and uncommon while still being accessible. And what a lovely story, linking her to your mother. Congratulations!
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    Petra is gorgeous! Congratulations!
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