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Thread: Idris is here

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    Did they name Adler Grace after the character Grace Adler in the tv show Will and Grace?

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    Thank you everyone! My daughter had it on her list after a few name searches, then she picked it after remembering the actor Idris Elba although she chose to prouncounce it long I as opposed to how the actor prounounces it with the short I---The arabic pronunciation is short I also but more like Id-reese--We say Eye-driss for our little guy---Adler was named after the world renowned acting teacher Stella Adler as my daughter has a degree in acting and a masters in childrens theatre, and was told by a psychic to give her baby an "A" name!--But we have been asked about the Grace Adler reference a couple of times! lol
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    Congratulations to you and your daughter's family! I'm fond of the name Idris; I picked it out of an old baby name book long before I ever heard of Idris Elba. It's nice to hear of it being used, though I say short-I
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    Congratulations! Idris is a very handsome name
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    Congratulation! I love the name Idris.
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