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    I am curious as to what 3 girls' names and 3 boys' names you would choose. All the combos have special meaning and/or honor.

    Maebry Eloise
    Lily-Anne Vesper
    Emilia Sunday
    Juniper ?

    Archer Finley
    Quentin Atlas
    Everett Gray
    Brooks Wilder
    Piers Lachaln
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    Liam Archer | Finn Hawthorne | Owen Everett
    Grant Lachlan | Declan Hayes | Ethan Gray | Caleb Orion

    Sophie Jane Magnolia | Grace Elizabeth Birdie | Emma Eloise Maebry
    Isabel Margaret Fable | Lily Anne Vesper | Nora Lavender Posy
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    crushing on -
    Piers Lachlan | Gray Everett
    Maebry Eloise Sunday

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    Emilia Sunday (this is adorable!)
    Lily-Anne Vesper (but I don't like the hyphenated -Anne. If it was just Lily Vesper, I'd love it)

    Everett Gray (very cute)
    Piers Lachlan

    I personally dislike Quentin, Brooks, and Archer, so those are really out for me.
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    Maebry Eloise
    Emilia Sunday
    Juniper Florence

    Archer Finley (I just can't understand Finley on girls)
    Everett Gray
    Piers Lachlan (I really like Lachlan Piers though)
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    From the girls list:

    Emilia Sunday
    Juniper ?
    Maebry Eloise
    * Lily probably would have been second for me if not hyphenated with Anne. There's nothing wrong with hyphenated names; I just don't personally like them.

    From the boys list:

    Archer Finley
    Quentin Atlas
    Brooks Wilder

    * such charming boy combos all around!
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    I really like Emilia Sunday, and pp's suggestion of Juniper Florence. I don't like Lily-Anne Vesper because I dislike hyphenated names, Lily is too popular for me, and Vesper just makes me think of the scooter. Maebry is too cutesy for me, but I love Eloise.

    I love all your boys names, but especially Quentin Atlas, Everett Gray and Brooks Wilder. Such handsome, dashing combos!
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