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    Sep 2013
    kingston james.
    hudson luke.
    saul david.
    taye matthew.

    jaime louise.
    harper jane.
    elodie grace.
    quinn marie.

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    SN: Galliford

    DH: Benedict Rupert
    DW: Hanna May (Maiden name- Madison)

    DS: Orson West Cassian
    DD: Esme Imogen Maeve
    DS: Maximilian Hugo Edward
    DD: Francesca Eloise Primrose

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    Greater Boston, MA
    SN: Guildford

    DH: Bartholomew Rhys *Tolly*
    DW: Harriet May (nee Montomgery) *Hattie*

    DS: Ottavio Willliam Caspian *Otto*
    DD: Evangeline Clemency Ivy *Annie*
    DS: Montgomery Hugo Edward *Monty*
    DD: Felicity Eleanor Primrose *Fliss*
    ♥ Margaret Mary ♥
    20. Name nerd. College sophomore. Identical twin.

    ★ Elza Josephine ★ Harriet Corliss ★ Ida Rosemary ★ Mary Jessamine ★ Rose Christabel ★ Sarah Margaret ★
    ★ Asher Benedict ★ Gabriel August ★ James Fletcher ★ John Constantine ★ Noah Alexander ★ Samuel Ernest ★

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    SN: Granger

    DH: Benedict Remus
    DW: Hanna Molly (Maiden name: Morgan)

    ~Ben & Hanna~

    DS: Oliver William Caspar
    DD: Erin India May
    DS: Magnus Harrison Ezra
    DD: Felicity Elsa Arden

    ~Oli, Erin, Magnus & Fel~

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    Britberry (Wales -UK)
    SN: Galliford

    DH: Barnabus Richard
    DW: Helena Maeve (Maiden name- Montgomery)

    DS: Orson Windsor Caspian
    DD: Esme Claudia Ivy
    DS: Maxwell Harrison Ezra
    DD: Felicity Elsa Arde
    Mum to Bailey Ashton Richard & Liberty Faith Arizona ❤

    Other name crushes-
    Sawyer Rafferty Axel, Elijah Jakob Levi, / Kairi Peyton. Winter Amethyst.
    Boys: Sawyer, Phoenix, Castiel, Elijah, Jakob.
    Girls: Kairi, Peyton, Alana, Isabeau, Wynter, Amethyst, Nova.

    not ttc, but hoping for another child in the near future.

    "Laughter is timeless, Imagination has no age & Dreams are forever." -Tinkerbell.

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