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    Top Six - and some ''odds and ends''

    I rarely post or ask for feedback on my favourites, but this is the first time I've had a strong sense of order to my lists so bare with me This is my current list of favourites, names that I would probably give to actual children (if I were expecting, spoiler: I'm not)...

    Eilidh Agnes (pn AY-lee)
    Billie Margaret
    Ophelia Eibhlin (pn Evelyn)
    Jemima Rosemary
    Nancy Amelia
    Ailbhe Beatrix (pn Alva)

    Sorry I know the Gaelic pns can throw people off - if they aren't recognized in the UK they're at least tolerated, but I'd love some general opinions/thoughts? One point I will make is that Nancy is very trendy in the UK - actually the most popular of the list by quite a lot, but I know it has a very different image in the US so please reconsider the knee-jerk reaction of ''ew no''.

    And then there are the ones that I adore but didn't quite make it, they're the ones I have a huge amount of trouble with when it comes to finding combos:
    Desdemona, Ailsa, Lux, Fenella, Viola, Constance/Connie, Mavis, Fae, Twila and Cordelia.
    If you can find any way to slot them in, feel free to mess with my favourites above.

    Thanks a lot!
    Emmett - Cathal - Eoghan - Baez - Wilfred - Rufus - Hugh - Virgil - Amos - Emanuel
    Rosemary - Lettice - Maude - Cordelia - Billie - Fenella - Una - Nancy - Tabitha - Eilidh

    Names for dreamy, sublime little darlings. The smell of springtime air, freckled knees, damp hair. Soft evening light and fiery hearts.

    olivia, seventeen, vegan film student. owner of fluffy black cat Shura!

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