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Thread: Cassius?

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    Hello! I used to be on this site all the time in high school and after stopping by to read up on the 2013 stats, I'm finding myself re-addicted! Anyway, I've always been more of a fan of girls names (give me anything frilly and sassy) but have had trouble finding many for boys that I love. My favorites lists usually end up filled with classics because nothing else seems to click, but I know they're really just not for me. However, that was until I came across this one a few weeks ago:


    I actually think I really like it. I like the nickname Cass, I like the way it sounds when I say it, and it even passes the crucial Boston accent test. I'm not all that into name meanings but as a big history buff I like its ancient roots and its 1800's flare. I can also picture so many different types of guys with the name, from a bookworm to someone rough and rugged. I remember liking Cassio while reading Othello but I think there's a little something off about the -o sound (plus my keyboard association) so this seems like a great alternative.

    It's funny, I came across it while looking at Roman names after remembering the main character in the Disney movie Meet the Robinsons. He changes his name to Cornelius and briefly talks about it suiting him perfectly (it really does) and it made me think differently of the usually clunky -us names.

    So my question is, how do you pronounce this name?

    I've been saying cass-ee-us, however I have heard both that and cash-us. Is either one more "correct"? Would it be too weird in the US to use the cass- pronounciation? I wonder how many people still know it by the cash-us pronounciation through Muhammad Ali nowadays. I also like Cassian (though I just like Cassius a little more), would that be pronounced like cass-?

    Thanks so much! I'm not expecting by the way, this is just for fun!

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    I say Cass-ee-us and Cass-ee-un, but that's because I really don't like 'sh' sounds in the middle of names. Both pronunciations are valid though (I think) which is great, or I'd dislike a lot more names! I prefer Cassian just a bit more, but I have a slight obsession with -ian names, and however much I try, my heart still goes back to Caspian. Definitely the best Cas- name IMO .
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    Thank you, I suppose a whole lot of names have multiple acceptable pronounciations the more that I think about it. Look at every name that ends with -line (ie: Madeline) that ends up as -lyn.

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    I really like Cassius. A lot. But my understanding is that it is pronounced Cash-us. Which I dont like anywhere near as much as Cass-ee-us. So I would also be interested to hear if either pronounciation is "correct"..
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    Well I tried searching it a little on YouTube. I found both a French house music duo and a song by a Brit indie band with the name and both use cass-, so it could be an American vs European thing.

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