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    Is Naming Daughter After the Mom Weird?

    Hey Berries,
    My name is Ayla (pronounced Kayla without the K) & since I have a more unusual name and I've always loved having the name, I've had people tell me I should carry it down to my daughter in one way or another. It got me wondering how acceptable it is for a woman to pass her name down to her daughters, since it's not strange at all to carry a man's name to his sons?

    I don't think I could handle having a daughter Ayla because of the confusion (& honestly it does seem kind of strange) but maybe for a middle name? How do you think people would feel about that? Does it seem odd to you? Do you know anyone who has done this?

    All thoughts welcome - I'm not even sure how I feel about it. Also, throw in your favorite girl names for (what I'm expecting to be) a little blonde haired, blue/green eyed girl! -Just for fun, I'm still kicking around names with my hubby (who does not seem as interested in names as me, of course).

    Here are my favorites:
    Thea Soma
    Lilah Soma
    Elsa Soma
    Chloe Soma
    Chleo Soma
    Nile Soma
    Ember Soma
    Lucy Soma
    Ivy Soma

    Thank you in advance!

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    I like Thea and Ivy off of your list. I share the same middle name with my mother, so I think it is normal. I do know several moms that named their sons after themselves. Ex. Macon for Macy and Cason for Casey. I personally don't care for the trend, but I have never liked the idea of naming sons after fathers either. I do think that it is just as warranted to name the kids after the mother...maybe even more so? They are usually already using the dad's last name.
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    I love Thea. You might like Esme, Willa, Tyra or Phoebe?

    For a middle name I guess it's okay, but for the most part I find it incredibly dull and narcissistic when people name their kids after themselves.

    That being said I do really love my own name too, and I do like it paired with some of my favourites. I don't think I could bring myself to ever use it as a middle name, unless maybe my child's father really loved it too.
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    I love Thea, Ivy, and Lucy

    Also, I don't really like naming kids after people, because as you said, it's confusing, but naming a child after the mother isn't that strange. That's how Martha Stewart got her name.

    Other names:

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    Mother's name as daughter's middle is very normal. It's a great tradition. I've seen mom's first and mom's maiden used this way a lot. I think it is fantastic.

    However, all your first name choices are vowel-heavy and they don't flow off my tongue very well with Ayla.

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