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    Cora Etta Fiona Hazel Madeleine Matilda Penelope Sylvie Vivienne Zara
    Archer Emmett Emrys Ianto Jasper Julian Leo Rhys Sawyer Theo

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    I've always been a fan of Gloria. How about Flora, Greta, Nancy, or Goldie?

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    among others

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    We really like Flora, Viola, Rosemary, Lenora, Jora, Georgia, Florence, Eliora, Laura and we also like Glory

    Thanks for all the great suggestions!

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    Gloria is a beautiful-sounding name, but I agree that it sounds very old fashioned.

    I think Glory was already mentioned, and is more modern.

    A unique elaboration on Gloria is Glorielle or Gloriella.

    Georgia (and its variants - Georgina, Georgeanna, Georgetta) has Gloria's G-use, 'o' sound, and -a ending.

    Astoria, Adoria, Doria, Floria, Loria, Oria, Victoria, and Valoria all rhyme with Gloria.

    Dory, Flory, Mallory, Marjory, and Valory all rhyme with Glory

    Aria, Asteria, Daria, Eldoria, Floria, Maria, Rosaria, Staria, and Wisteria all have the -ria ending

    Clora, Cloris, Delores, Flora, Elora, Florella, Florence, Florianna, Lorain, Lorelei, Loretta and Sailor all have the "lor" sound

    Hope that helped!!

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