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    I don't care for Skylar, having had a dreadful experience
    with one on a soccer team at age 9. Your older daughters' names
    are adorable and Verity is lovely!

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    I, too, prefer Verity, but I don't think Skylar is awful. Then again, it's not my daughter. You should fight for the name you love.
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    As a student of language, I cannot get on board with a modern name such as Skylar - there's just no history. It's a misspelled surname.

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    He is in love with the name Skylar. And I can't STAND it! I named my first two without much consent from their I love Verity but its going to take some time to convince him Skylar isn't an option. He is a HUGE skydiver...and Skydiving changed his life. So i guess that's why he loves it so much. But i just can't stand it.

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    Honest opinion: I am the type of person that would immediately react with "Excuse you?" to anyone telling me what my child's name would be. Someone could tell me my favorite name, but if they did it in that way I'd probably refuse to use it.

    I'm not keen on Skylar (the Schuyler spelling is an improvement, but I'm still not loving the name itself). I also know a toddler named Skylar Rose, so the combo feels done and contrived to me. And I just don't think it's a really fitting name for her. She's a gorgeous baby, and then you hear her parents call her Skylar and it's just like "....oh." The name is underwhelming.

    I'm not huge on Verity, but it's nice enough. Verity Rose is sweet.
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

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