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    Advice on names for disagreeing parents.

    My hubs and I can't seem to agree, nor do we have similar tastes in girls names. I'm looking for a little advice on the few that we have both shown some interest in, but neither of us is very excited for each others top pick.

    Last name starts with a K and is of German origin. Sibling name is Kale!

    Any advice or thoughts are greatly appreciated!

    Sanna - hubby's favorite, but seems a little too plain for me
    Luna - my favorite, but it's becoming a little too popular for my liking
    Nina - family name
    Aveline - variation of a family member's name
    Linnea - might be my new favorite, but hubby didn't seem too excited

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    If none of these names are quite doing it, maybe you should look into other options? Maybe you can still find a name that you both love.

    Instead of Sanna, how about Sena?

    I love the fact that it is Korean, Hindi, Arabic, and African. It has many nice meanings, including "this world's beauty or grace," "to praise," and "bringing heaven to earth."

    Because it is a complete name on its own, unlike Sanna, which is really a diminutive of Susanna, do you find it any less plain?

    Or what do you think about Lena or Lina? It is similar to several of the names on your list.

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    How about Susanna, with the nn of Sanna?
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    My favourites are Lucia, Luna, Nina, Aveline, and Linnea.

    Random suggestions:
    Susanna(h) - I second this
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