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    Quote Originally Posted by adelina_sophia View Post
    I personally wouldn't count The Sound of Music or Pride and Prejudice as guilty pleasures, but I guess everyone has different views on things. I also liked The Sound of Music when I was little, I used to go around singing the songs from it, as much as I do now with Frozen (I'm not saying that Frozen counts as a guilty pleasure).
    Oh haha I guess I wasn't clear, I don't count them as guilty pleasures either, I just meant that some people probably would. P&P, it has more to do with the fact that the 1995 BBC miniseries is generally considered "superior" to the 2005 movie. I do love both
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    Quote Originally Posted by truenature View Post
    Oh boy! I have a LOT of these (guilty pleasures are my favourite pleasures)

    The best/worst one has to be Willow.

    @redwoodfey & @sleepysessha, Practical Magic is totally fab, just thinking about it is making me want Midnight Margaritas! And the Fifth Element is the movie they always used to use to check the quality on TVs... A random fact I learned from my tech nerd husband. I think its fabulous but isn't Chris Tucker as Ruby Rhod so annoying?!
    Willow and The Fifth Element go on my list, too. Do you know why they use The Fifth Element to check quality on TVs? That is random, but interesting. I like Chris Tucker in his role, but yes he's quite annoying. It works for me.

    @bonfire, P&P 2005 is a GP movie for me as well. I've watched it a half dozen times.
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    Mean Girls. I can recite the entire movie and have seen it over 30 times...

    Girls: Ivy, Caroline, Bryony, Augusta, Idony, Adeline, Elizabeth, Sage, Delphine

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    Up (I can recite the whole movie), The Matrix (ditto), Tangled (ditto), Frozen (ditto), Despicable Me (ditto), Bruce Almighty, The Proposal, Hairspray.

    TV Show wise: Sherlock, although that is not really a guilty pleasure. That is a necessary tool for survival.

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    I'm not really understanding many of your GP's!
    Up is pure, creative sweetness, Mamma Mia is excellent summer fun, The Fifth Element is sort of mind-blowingly awesome and completely insane but still well acted with a better than average script and a distinctive style that it dares to stick with, The Matrix are of course also over-the-top, but no more so than The Dark Knight trilogy which I'm not sure anyone would call a GP.

    GP's for me would be films with few redeeming qualities that you can't help but be entertained by, several times.
    My GP is the Twilight series.
    Poor writing, bad acting, an absolutely infuriating story (the fact that young girls think Edward is the perfect boyfriend makes me cry) and it still isn't enough to keep me from watching them a fourth time. I can't help it!
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