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    Naming etiquette?

    I've been curious as to what everyone's opinion on family name etiquette is...
    I know how much uproar it can cause if someone steals a baby name, but what about family names? My cousin recently used our grandmother's middle name for her daughter's middle name. I would like to use it for a middle, as well.
    So what do you all think? Is it okay for us to use the same name since it was our grandmother's name? Or does she get dibs on it since she had her child first?

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    I don't think middle names have the same expectations of uniqueness as first names. But it probably varies from family to family...?

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    My brother and our cousin have the same middle name and they were born 3 months apart, i don't think it matters too much.
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    As middle names aren't used very often, I think it's fine.
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    In my opinion, middle names are fair game. Nobody gets to "call" a name in any situation -- what is this, middle school? -- but that goes double, triple, quadruple for middle names, especially since that spot is typically reserved for either a family name (to which EVERYONE in the family has a right, regardless of who "gets there first") or a filler name (your little [firstname] Rose or [firstname] Marie or [firstname] Grace will be one of twelve in her class anyway).
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