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    Help! Due today and still no name!

    We are totally stuck on names, both boys and girls. We are leaning towards Nordic names and I don't want names that are common in North America.

    Baby has a sister, Svea Elleri, and half-brothers Bjorn, Stefan and Alexander. Dad is Swedish Canadian with a very Swedish name. I am mixed Canadian with an uncommon but North America name.

    For girls I am leaning towards Lisbet or Elisabet, Lisette, and Esme. The last two are more obviously French than Nordic. I love Freya but does it sound too much like Svea?

    For boys, dad loves Anders but I think it is too much like Alexander. I like Soren a lot, and also Goran which has family significance. (Goran is swedish for George which my grandfather's name.)

    Please help! I would love to hear any suggestions.

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    Well Esme is very popular in the US so you might want to count that one out...

    I agree that Anders is too close to Alexander.

    I think Soren is really cool.



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    I think that if you very clearly pronounce both the girls names, then Freya is different enough from Svea.

    I like Lisette, and Soren from your list. I agree with cengel73 that Esme is popular, although it is my favorite on your list

    Good luck, don't rush into any name if you aren't sure, and congratulations!

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    I love Soren for a boy! From your girls list, I like Lisbet and Lisette. Paired with her sister's name, I like Lisette the best. Svea and Lisette has a nice ring to it.
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    Adore the name Soren.

    Some boys names I love:

    Lisette is lovely.
    Otherwise, I also have a soft spot for Unna

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