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    Abu (means "water lily" in Turkish), Adern (means "bird" in Welsh), Agape, Agathosune (means "goodness" in Greek), Aglante, Aline, Altrude, Alzire, Aourell, Arsinoé, Avanen (means "raspberry" in Cornish), Aymonette, Ayoub, Badelon, Béline, Berma, Blodyn (menas "flower" in Welsh), Calliandra, Caritas (means "charity" in Latin), Ceyx, Corydalis (means "a crested lark" in Greek), Cunegonde, Donzella, Dorri (means "sparkling star like a gem" in Persian), Edwige, Eirene (means "peace" in Greek), Elvire, Euphonia, Euphrasie, Evaine, Frosine, Gaëlle, Gwylan (means "seagull" in Welsh), Heliotrope, Hydrangea, Igraine, Ismene, Ismeria, Keilo (means "lily of the valley" in Finnish), Laleruh (means "her cheeks are like tulips" in Turkish), Leonardina, Madelief (means "daisy" in Dutch), Mathurine, Mavis, Mercuriade, Merwinna, Milady, Morgause, Noun, Orphise, Ozanne, Panope, Parastoo, Remembrance, Seamair (means "clover" in Irish), Topaz, Truzia, Verdiana, Wilfrida, Xylanthemum, Zambinella, Zerbinette

    Adelin, Agnan, Alcandre, Alceste, Alcidor, Almanzor, Angwin, Balan, Bedievere, Berno, Bligh, Branagan, Brangaine, Cephas (means "stone" in Aramaic), Dieudonné (means "gift of God" in French), Dries, Fien, Fulcran, Gaëtan, Glynn, Griflet, Iphitas, Josse, Kellow, Kitto, Knowledge, Leoluca, Lépine, Lubin, Lycaste, Noam, Olwen, Orante, Pancrace, Pandolfe, Pawley, Porfirio (means "purple stone" in Greek), Rasso, Ruddock, Wout

    Sorry this disproportionally female. Also, sorry for any repeats.
    {Margaret Beatrice Susannah Persis "Peg" ⭐︎ Temperance Flavia Oonagh Elizabeth "Percy"}
    {Christian Amias Patrick Smith "Kitto" ⭐︎ Edgar Thomas Clement Pascoe "Ed"}

    “Catch the foxes for us, The little foxes that are ruining in the vineyards, While our vineyards are in blossom.” ~ Song of Solomon 2:15

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