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    Trying Again With Tilly

    I need some help with a middle name for Tilly :/ I thought I had something really good with Tilly Beatrice/Tillie Evelyn, but now I'm not sure (I don't like Matilda anywhere as near as much as I do Tilly, so that would be out too I'm afraid.)

    So far, I've ruled out Tilly Evelyn and Tilly Beatrice (but not fully) and I'm currently thinking about Tilly Elizabeth or Tilly Katharine, but I'm still unsure.

    Tilly, for me, reminds me a lot of my childhood, playing in my Nana's massive garden, pretending to be princesses, picking flowers, imagining fairies, chasing butterflies, feeding bunnies, etc. Tilly reminds me of happiness, youthfulness, playfulness and fun - playing pretend, and being full of imagination. It brings to mind some pastel pinks, purples and greens - typical garden colours. It also seems to bring old-fashioned English cottages to mind, and Cicely Mary Barker's 'Flower Fairies'.
    Here are some images I connect to Tilly, if they help any;

    Hopefully this helps with everything!
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    I love the visuals; thanks for providing those!

    I think the image of Elizabeth fits the image of Tilly very well, so I'm a big fan of Tilly Elizabeth. Tilly Katharine (my favorite spelling) sounds nice as well, and Katharine brings an Old Hollywood, sparkly element to the docile Tilly. It's got style and spunk.

    Tilly Elisabetta
    Tilly Marguerite
    Tilly Margaret
    Tilly Leonora
    Tilly Victoria
    Tilly Adelaide
    Tilly Johanna
    Tilly Emmeline
    Tilly Evangeline
    Tilly Rosalind
    Tilly Imogen
    Tilly Genevieve
    Tilly Magnolia
    Ashley l Christian l Journalist

    Lorelei Anne, Hermione Iris, Rosalind Cora

    Phineas Reid

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    I love Tilly! I think both combos you are considering are lovely. The PP had some awesome suggestions, I am seconding Tilly Victoria, Tilly Adelaide, and Tilly Marguerite.

    Other suggestions
    Tilly Rose
    Tilly Marigold
    Tilly Juliet
    Tilly Annaliese

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    Thank you! I love Tilly Imogen, Tilly Juliet, Tilly Emmeline, and Tilly Adelaide!
    “poetry, beauty, romance, love - these are what we stay alive for.”

    currently under construction

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