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    I don't think it's the most important thing, but I do think it's nice when siblings sound good together. It's a little awkward when only one child's name deviates from the others. For example, if a sibset was like: Catherine, Michael, and River, it would be much harder to figure out whether little River is a boy or girl. Siblings named Sebastian, Victoria, and Lundynn might also seem a bit funny together. I don't think your names are that different, and they all sound good together.

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    I really don't think the flow of sibling names matter. All I see is three names belonging to three different people. I wouldn't find it weird to hear they're brothers. I can't understand (in general, not directed at you) why anyone would give up a name they love, just because it doesn't fit with their other children's names. Yeah, it's nice to have names that sound great together or have a certain link etc. but it's not a deal breaker. I'd like all my the names in my sibset to have 7 letters (coincidentally a lot of my favourites do), but it wouldn't stop me using Arabella which I also love.
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    I like names that go together personally. I like flow. But, there's a lot of leeway with that. For me, a good sibset includes names that are similar in style and feel. I wouldn't pair a classic like Elizabeth with a trendy name or modern made up name like Nevaeh.

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    I don't think anything of it, they sound nice together. I like my kids names to sound nice together, but I'm not super strict about keeping within a style. It's one of many factors I consider but not the most important thing. Like someone else said, I think Nevaeh and Elizabeth would stand out but even then most of the time other people won't even hear or know your kids names as a set anyway. As long as you like the way they sound together, that's what's important because the parents are the ones that will think of their names together, to most everyone else they will encounter them as individuals.

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    I could easily imagine sibset of Elizabeth and Nevaeh if their parents wanted something popular, but didn't realized Nevaeh is consider trashy...

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