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    Overwhelmed With Names!

    I've been told by a few people that this site is really good with helping people so I decided to give it a go!

    We're expecting our first baby and super overwhelmed with all the choices! We kind of know what we want but can't seem to find a name to match it! I'll give a small idea what we like and who we are and maybe you all can come up with something?

    -We love to travel all over the world so we kind of like the idea of an international name (but not too out there)
    -We love history so perhaps a historic name (but not too common)
    -My husband loves literature (he is named after a poet himself) so maybe a name from a famous play/poet/writer/etc?
    -We live currently live in Canada, if that helps when it comes to popularity of names
    -Middle name will be Carmen or Joan (family names)
    -We'd like to avoid names starting with L as we don't like alliteration (our last name begins with L)

    Thank you for taking the time to read and answer our thread,


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    Welcome and thank you giving us some idea of your background etc.

    I've had a quick browse and found this link which might help or inspire you with regards to names related to Poetry;

    I actually think Poet is an adorable name, it is a little out there but it can work.

    Off the top of my head I'll suggest...
    Amelie Joan
    Augustina Joan
    Cecily Joan
    Eleanora Joan
    Henrietta Joan
    Athena Joan
    Romilly Joan
    Elspeth Joan

    Do any of those appeal? Or am I on completely the wrong track?

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    I'll give it a go and then rethink if they're not what you're looking for. Styles are hard to pin down without seeing which names take your fancy.
    Historical name:
    Florence (Nightingale)
    Emily (Stowe (Suffragette)) (This site has heroines from Canadian history if there are any you like)

    Cressida (Shakespeare)
    Perdita (Shakespeare)
    Myrtle (The Great Gatbsy)
    Daisy (The Great Gatbsy)
    Enid (Author)
    Maude (Rossetti poem)
    Cordelia (Shakespeare)
    Scout (To Kill A Mockingbird)
    Harper (Author)
    Matilda (Matilda)
    Melba (Warriors Don't Cry)
    Lisbeth (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)

    Other ideas:
    Della X
    Gretel Sunflower Kate
    Franklin Everest Bear

    Major construction of my name lists underway

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    Thank you both!

    From the ones you listed, we like Eleanora, Athena, and Elspeth! Thank you for the web link! We like Althea, Audria, Celia, Delia, Beatrice, Eulalie, and Thalia!

    From the ones you listed, we like Cressida, Cordelia, Rosamund, and Matilda! Thank you also for the web link! We like Susanna and Adelaide! Violet is also pretty but seems to be pretty popular?

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    @kateloops- no worries, it's a pleasure! Cressida is a personal favourite of mine so I'm glad you like that. As far as Violet goes (beautiful choice) it hasn't been in the social security list (US) since 1930 where it ranked 152. It is a darling choice so I can see it coming back but no where near the levels of the likes of Sophia etc. If you love it then I doubt that will be an issue, but I do understand because I don't like popular names either!X
    Gretel Sunflower Kate
    Franklin Everest Bear

    Major construction of my name lists underway

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