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    Name Change Help

    A very close relative of mine needs some help with a new name for a fresh start.

    A little back story. Him and I grew up very close and were often mistaken as twins. In our teenaged years he got into drugs, then eventually was a part of a local gang. His name is Killian, but was known as Killer by anyone who was in the gang, or knew of it. He dropped out of high school, and in a drug induced rage put a man in intensive care. He was in prison for 5 years. He was recently released, and has quickly learned that people still remember Killer and everything he has done. He has been harassed frequently. I know what he did in his past was awful, and to some unforgivable. However, he has changed. What he did to that man still haunts him, and I think between that and prison time he has earned a new beginning. He is 5 years sober, did his time, and wishes to leave that horrid past behind him. His parole officer said this was a good idea. All of his records will not change, just his name which is widely known.

    So now to the question. He wishes to change his first and last name. He plans on moving once he is able to, and once the name change is finalized. He does love his name, but for obvious reasons wants to change it. He wishes to find something similar. His last name will be changed to his grandmothers maiden name. Here are some options he has considered. We'd appreciate feedback on them on whether or not they are too much if a stretch from Killian.


    Any other suggestions are appreciated as well. :-)
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    Bravo to your relative for starting new that must be very hard and is a very brave thing to do.
    I think Ian is a liitle too close (IMHO) it's the end of his current name.
    Also Liam is very close to the Lian ending (which is also a nn)
    Kellan is different enough but has the same feel.

    Some others I thought of:

    Run those by him and see if any jump out at him.
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    My full list here. Please comment and I'll comment on yours
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    I would go with Ian since it is part of his original name, but leaves out the "Kill" part that gave rise to the Killer nickname.

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    We were also concerned with Ian and Liam being too closely related/associated with Killian.

    He tends to lean more towards Irish, Welsh, and even clearly Scottish names.

    From you list he likes Lachlan and Tiernan. He really likes my favorite Kieran because of the 'K'. I just have to decide if I am alright with giving him on of my favorite names. That is why Kellan is on his list because I wanted to name a future child of mine Kieran and he found another 'K' name he liked.

    Thank you for your help! Our whole family is proud of the man he has become out of all this.
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    FYI- While convicted felons can change their names as long as the intent is not to deceive or defraud, courts rarely grant them, especially for violent offenders.
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