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    Music-Themed Namebank!

    LN: Fifer, Duran, Chanson, Ramone, Ranim, Ruana, Caprice, Allegro

    DH: Wolfgang, Brage, Simon, Leron, Jagger, Banjo, March, Deacon, Jaron, Yaron, Dusty,
    SW: Sonata, Bethany, Sonatina, Rina, Rena, Odele, Melody, Calliope, Harper, Carmen, Carmina, Ligiea, Carol, Chantal, Etta,

    DD1: Harmony, Lyric, Mavis, Minuet, Piper, Madrigal, Viola, Mandolin, Mandoline, Philomela, Philomel, Filomena, Alima, Riya, Kyrie
    DD2: Daina, Philyra, Bell, Calypso, Rayna, Rhapsody, Mele, Melodia, Corisande, Allegra, Lark, Symphony, Shira, Ashira, Ronia, Gita
    DS1: Cello, Lennon, Reed, Tempo, Brio, Zamir, Hendrix, Zimran, Rodion, Elvis Elton, Apollo, Ballad, Lute, Art,
    DD3: Arietta, Celeste, Sonnet, Etude, Seraphine, Musetta, Maraca, Capella, Cadence, Kadence, Cadenza, Tocatta, Ranit, Rani
    DD4: Lyra, Aria, Sora, Zora, Marimba, Serenade, Clarion, Jazz, Calandra, Charmaine, Oda, Parthenope, Cantrelle, Aretha, Ciara
    DS2: Alto, Linus, Forte, Jimi, Adagio, Nicolo, Drum, Presley, Chime, Tango, Nazim, Music, Count, Strummer
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    LN: Chanson

    DH: Simon March
    SW: Bethany Harper

    DD1: Mavis Piper
    DD2: Calypso Lark
    DS1: Lennon Apollo
    DD3: Sonnet Cadenza
    DD4: Jazz Marimba
    DS2: Drum Jimi

    Simon Chanson and Bethany Fifer-Chanson with Mavis (12), Callie (9), Lenny (8), Sonny (6), Jazz (3), and DJ (2).

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    Alice Annabelle Arianwen Belle Celia Cora Elsa Evanna Felicity Hermione Imogen Juliette Lucy Lyra Marzia Ophelia Ravenna Rosalie Severine Thalia Verity Violet
    Benedict Caleb Castiel Christian Dean Dimitri Emmett Evander Fabian Felix Henry Isaac James Jasper Lucas Mason Peter Remus Sirius Theodore
    Juliette Ophelia Verity - Dean Theodore Peter
    Rosalie Isabella Hermione - Lucas Fabian Dimitri
    Arianwen Ravenna Marzia - Christian Evander Mason
    Evanna Felicity Violet - Jasper Benedict Caleb

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