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    Music-Themed Namebank!

    LN: Fifer, Duran, Chanson, Ramone, Ranim, Ruana, Caprice, Allegro

    DH: Wolfgang, Brage, Simon, Leron, Jagger, Banjo, March, Deacon, Jaron, Yaron, Dusty,
    SW: Sonata, Bethany, Sonatina, Rina, Rena, Odele, Melody, Calliope, Harper, Carmen, Carmina, Ligiea, Carol, Chantal, Etta,

    DD1: Harmony, Lyric, Mavis, Minuet, Piper, Madrigal, Viola, Mandolin, Mandoline, Philomela, Philomel, Filomena, Alima, Riya, Kyrie
    DD2: Daina, Philyra, Bell, Calypso, Rayna, Rhapsody, Mele, Melodia, Corisande, Allegra, Lark, Symphony, Shira, Ashira, Ronia, Gita
    DS1: Cello, Lennon, Reed, Tempo, Brio, Zamir, Hendrix, Zimran, Rodion, Elvis Elton, Apollo, Ballad, Lute, Art,
    DD3: Arietta, Celeste, Sonnet, Etude, Seraphine, Musetta, Maraca, Capella, Cadence, Kadence, Cadenza, Tocatta, Ranit, Rani
    DD4: Lyra, Aria, Sora, Zora, Marimba, Serenade, Clarion, Jazz, Calandra, Charmaine, Oda, Parthenope, Cantrelle, Aretha, Ciara
    DS2: Alto, Linus, Forte, Jimi, Adagio, Nicolo, Drum, Presley, Chime, Tango, Nazim, Music, Count, Strummer
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    LN: Chanson

    DH: Simon March
    SW: Bethany Harper

    DD1: Mavis Piper
    DD2: Calypso Lark
    DS1: Lennon Apollo
    DD3: Sonnet Cadenza
    DD4: Jazz Marimba
    DS2: Drum Jimi

    Simon Chanson and Bethany Fifer-Chanson with Mavis (12), Callie (9), Lenny (8), Sonny (6), Jazz (3), and DJ (2).

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