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    STILL struggling on names :(

    Still struggling on our girls after opinions on verity, im reading a brill book where this is a blokes name but I really quite like it is it awful? Also what nn? I hate vera and very would be odd.....also wondering about mimi (mim for nn) id prounouce it mee mee?
    I was sold on elowen but my hubby keeps saying ellie for short and seen as his other dd is shelly that would be a bit odd. Thanks in advance x

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    Verity, hmm. I'm personally not a fan of virtue names but I do think Verity has a lovely sound.
    It does feel more feminine than masculine to me but virtue names are basically unisex (even though they aren't used equally for each gender).
    I could see Itsy as a nickname for Verity but can't think of any others.
    Mimi sounds like a pet name. Not actually for a pet but it's even cuter than just a nickname for me.
    Elowen is very pretty, too. I don't think Ellie would be a massive problem since it would only be a nickname.
    If you had boys name Frederick and Edward their nicknames could rhyme as well (Freddie & Eddie) but you could always switch back to their full names if it's too much for you. The same could be done with Elowen nn Ellie.
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    Verity is a great name! I would totally use it if you want to.

    Combo ideas:

    Verity Jane
    Verity Margaret
    Verity Agatha
    Verity Annabel

    Other ideas:


    No on Mimi from me. It's a dog's name or a nickname not a full name. It's too flimsy.

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    I have a soft spot for Verity. Seemingly not many other people around me do though- not sure why.
    If I had a Verity I wouldn't shorten it as I like the whole name.

    Elowen is delightful too. I like Elowyn (yes, I know Y is the masculine etc etc...) but I adore the idea of the nn Wynn or Wynnie
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    I don't think Verity's awful at all. It's nice (and more common for girls.) I don't really think you need a nickname at all, though Very/Veri isn't that bad.

    Do you mean Mimi as a nickname for Verity or as a stand alone name? Either way I wouldn't recommend it. But Mimi/Mim could be short for Miriam, Emilia, Emily, Mina, Mila, Mia...

    Elowen is fine on it's own. If you'd like other options- I've heard Low and Enna work as NNs. May I ask why your husband says Ellie when he already has a Shelley? Does he like it or is he trying to put you off?!

    Quote Originally Posted by emiliaj View Post
    Elowen is delightful too. I like Elowyn (yes, I know Y is the masculine etc etc...) but I adore the idea of the nn Wynn or Wynnie
    Elowyn doesn't have any gender actually; it's a misspelling. You're thinking of Welsh
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