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View Poll Results: Which offbeat nn do you like for Isadora?

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  • Rory

    6 10.17%
  • Dot

    15 25.42%
  • Zuzu

    12 20.34%
  • Sadie

    15 25.42%
  • Dory

    11 18.64%
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    Which offbeat nn?

    I'm searching for a spunky nn for Isadora... Something a bit offbeat and fun. So far I have come up with the list below (I realise some are not necessarily the most intuitive but I'm ok with that, not a fan of Dora and Izzy)


    What are your thoughts? any other out of the box nn spring to mind for Isadora?

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    I really like Zuzu as a nickname for Isadora. It seems rather spunky to me.
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    Zuzu is cute. Wasn't that the name of the youngest daughter in It's a Wonderful Life?

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    Zuzu is adorable, and very fun. Love it! Isadora is quite pretty as well.
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    Dot! Dotty is particularly sweet too.

    I like Zuzu in theory but I've spent a lot of time in Uganda where it translates roughly as ''peepee'' which I can't get over haha. I honestly don't really like any of the others, I guess Sadie might work.

    What about Zadie? Isa? Zodie? Zizi?
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