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    Hello all! The website The Baby Name Wizard lists Nemo as a nickname for Edmund. I am very interested to hear if any of you think this is a usable nickname and if the derivation makes sense? Ned is my favorite nickname for Edmund at the moment, but is Nemo a realistic possibility?
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    Honestly I never would have thought of Nemo from Edmund. Then again there's no rule that says a nickname has to be obvious, or even really related to the given name at all. Thus calling your children "honey, pumpkin," etc. I think of nicknames as being a short name that you call someone instead of a shortened version of a name.
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    I also wouldn't have related Nemo with Edmund. I wouldn't use it myself because of the obvious Disney connection.
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    My nephew was friends with an Nicholas that went by Nemo. I know, it seems odd but it really worked for him. I believe his parents intended him to be called Nico (knee-co) but his little sister said it like Nemo. I think Nemo would work wonderfully with Edmund.
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    The best I can guess is someone might have gotten 'Ne' from Ned and 'mo' Edmond then mashed it together. I kind of like it.
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